September - November, 2016

StudyFan is a Multimedia Interactive Production in Flash, which is also an E-learning mathematic Flash web application, It was developed and administrated by Review-Renew(IIXRR) in October, 2016,


This web application aims for students in high school (mainly Year 12). It is also useful for high school teacher to simply the process of teaching, and beneficial to student for understanding the features and algorithms in mathematics more clearly. Moreover, it should be useful for student in revision before exams. Usually when learning mathematics, student will spend lots of time in studying the 3D spaces, graphs of functions. However, when we use some animations to illustrate and demonstrate those knowledges, the students will find it interesting and more convenient to study these knowledges.

Function: When entering the website, the users can achieve the following functions: To watch a video about how to use the e-learning web application; To learn the different units of mathematics; To take a quiz about the learned units; To download the sources of mathematics; To submit a contact form online.


Video Trailer: QQ Video
Flash Website: Enter

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