Video Summarization - 视频摘要

March - June, 2016

Multi-View Video Summarization (Or Video Summarization, 视频摘要) is an Information Technology project developed and managed by Review-Renew (IIXRR) in University of Sydney from February to June in 2016. In May 2017, Review-Renew decided to make a plan for re-developing this project independently for "future use".


Video summarization technique has become a kind of important technologies with the increasing demand of security monitoring and business requirements. The Project, Multi-View Video Summarization, focusing on implementing a methodology of Multi-View Video Summarization, will be helpful for the users to simplify the long video into a brief one including the efficient information. The previous methodologies and algorithms based on the previous researches has been assisted for designing and implementation of the Multi-Video Summarization. The project was implemented for approximately 10 weeks from March 2016 to June 2016.

Key Words - Video Summarization, Video Production, Machine Learning

Tools - MATLAB, Java, C/C++

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